Dusk To Dawn


Featuring Diogo Appleton
Filmed by Filipe Neto


Join Diogo and Filipe on their journey up and down the coast of Morocco, chasing the full moon in search of waves.

Q & A with Filipe Neto
It's been a minute since your mission to Morocco, mind giving us a little recap of the trip?
This trip was a good “flashback” to our first trip to Morocco back in 2015. North Africa has changed a lot since the last time, but the waves, culture, landscapes, colours and the spicy Tajines are still the same. Our idea was to explore the coastline between Imsouane and Sidi Ifni to find some “gold”. Diogo is my travel “old good fella”, and we know what we want when we are together: make something spicy, worth living, surf as much as possible and finish the days with good local food and smiles…and that’s what we got. We spend the days to the rhythm of Morocco. Starting early with the prayer of the Mouezzine accompanied by the bright moon, driving along poetic roads, cruising through chaotic markets, dusty roads with Camels blocking, drinking Mint tea, surf and keep going.
You guys score some waves?
The forecast promised something beautiful, but the ocean has the power to change when it wants to, and we respect that. So, after driving around 1250 miles up and down the beautiful Morocco landscapes, seeing sunrises and sunsets over the mountains or in some desert sandy dunes, chasing the incredible full moon, and believing in more magic around the next corner we return to Imsouane. After some grilled sardines for lunch during the high tide, the lines finally start cruising in the magic bay. Diogo glided a personal 9´5 Longboard.
Highlights of the trip?
Morocco gives you a surprise each day. It can be a nature highlight like a big orange crushing the ocean at sunset with beautiful lines breaking or a group of wild pigs traveling in front of our balcony during the first coffee. And a lot more…
If you had to tie a soundtrack to the trip, what would it be?
Hey Moon - Molly Nilsson. This music matched and made the trip.
 Any upcoming plans for the rest of the year?
At the moment, I am enjoying the rest of the summer in Portugal, but definitely one or two trips before the end of the year. I have few film ideas on paper to do and hoping to make one documentary, but I can´t share more right now.