Meet Formal Gowns, a Los Angeles born & bred, smooth-sailing alt/rock band featuring long time friend of the brand and all-around creative, Cory Gehr. They recently released their first songs, "Radio Love" & "Dreamin' (About a Getaway)" so we took a minute to call Cory and hear more about the new project.


Photographs by Lauryn Alvarez
Interview by Jake Smith

Cory, tell us a bit the band! How have things evolved from Glue LA to Formal Gowns?

For sure, this music project came to light from a collaboration with Crafty Groove Records and three members of our previous band called Glue LA. After five years of making music under the Glue platform, we thought it was time to start something new and create a fresh sound for our fans - old and new.

So what’s the new direction for Formal Gowns? How was the recording process?

We really went for a west coast sound reminiscent of days before, our music should provide the opportunity to lay back and feel the ocean breeze - regardless of your location. We recorded in studios across the city of Los Angeles, sharing the same booths as some historic bands such as Sublime, No Doubt, Crosby & Nash, Black Flag, Pennywise, Ringo Starr and many more. It was definitely cool being in that environment and feeling like a part of that story.

With Radio Love and Dreamin' out now, what else can we expect for the rest of the year?

Yes! We were stoked on the great response to our debut release, Radio Love, which dropped earlier this year. With our latest track, Dreamin' we are excited to see how we can engage with even more fans globally. To follow, we've got three more songs set to release this year and live shows in Southern California to follow. Stay tuned.

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