In The Studio With Em Fennell



Em Fennell is a second-generation emerging artist based on the East Coast of Australia in Burleigh Heads. Em’s interest in fashion, photography and travelling is imminent within her very own contemporary style of artwork she creates. We had the opportunity to collaborate with Em on our latest women’s surf capsule, ‘Days In The Sun’ on the hero print of the range. Introducing Mimi, a fresh floral illustrated on a muted pink base. Perfect for Spring/ Summer here in Australia. Catch up with the woman herself over a quick conversation we had while she was in her creative element.




What do you love most about living here in Burleigh Heads?
Definitely the beach at Burleigh! Living by the beach was always a dream of mine when I was younger, I love getting up early to take my dog for a walk or to go for a surf.


What was your first creative outlet, and how did you know you wanted to continue down this path?
My first creative outlet was painting and it still continues to be my creative outlet of choice, but I always love a DIY or making something. I guess I never really thought about it, but after I finished Uni everything just fell into place with Covid. From there I got booked up with commission work and really fell in love with painting and haven’t really looked back.


Where do you draw inspiration from? More specifically, where did the inspiration for this collection come from?
I draw inspiration for my work from the world around me as well as my travels. I am really drawn to bright colours and love to have work that brings colour and life to a space.
This collection was inspired by my OG flower series work. They’re a collection of paintings that are sold as prints based on abstract flowers. The flowers for this collection where an extension of the flower series with a more evolved approach!





Your favourite thing to do on a day off?
Favourite thing to do on a day off is to surf with my friends!


Favourite place to catch sunrise?
Probably Rainbow Bay, but there are so many beautiful places on the coast in the mornings!


Where will we find you after 5 on a Friday afternoon?
That’s a hard one! I don’t tend to run off a schedule with my work, so sometimes I start late and finish late. But most likely at the beach with my friends and pup or painting!


What are your favourite pieces from the Capsule?
My favourite pieces from the capsule are the cross back flower one piece and the mini dress! I also love the dark denim shorts and the brown one piece.