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Pippi Pasta

If spending time in the kitchen with loved ones was an official love language, consider us well-versed! Preparing a dish that tastes delicious and feeds the soul is easily one of our favourite ways to while the afternoon away. Our gift from us to you this Valentine’s Day is a roadmap to finding romance in the kitchen, whether you’re preparing for one, two or six.

All with a little help from our friends Laura and Jamie, along with the sweet sounds of our latest Radio Sounds Ch.118 - Words Of Affirmation. Paired best with a bottle of fruity Pet Nat and twirling around the Kitchen.

Recipe Type: Lunch / Dinner         Serves : Two         Prep Time : 00 Mins           Cooking Time : 00 Mins

Pippi Pasta

Most enjoyed on a summer’s afternoon with someone you love.


1 kg small pippis/clams

1 handful of fresh chopped parsley

15 cherry tomatoes cut into halves
(but throw in as many as you like)

3-4 cloves garlic finely sliced and diced

2 tablespoons butter

1 cup of white wine (and an extra one for you two)

2 pinches of dried chilli (or as much as you like)

400 g Fettuccine

Lots of virgin olive oil


1. Prep: finely dice the garlic, roughly chop the parsley leaves, and cut your tomatoes into halves.

2. Heavily salt the water, add the pasta to the boiling water and cook according to packet instructions, if you are cooking with fresh pasta it will only need a couple of mins (we like it al dente!).

3. Whilst the pasta boils, get ready to make your pippis sauce! This is quick and easy so you’ll only need about 5 minutes to throw this all together before the pasta is ready.

4. Add 6 generous tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil into a heated pan - add the garlic, butter, dried chillies, tomatoes and half the parsley to the pan.

5. Stir it around for a couple of minutes then chuck in your clams and the wine. Give this a good stir around and pop the lid on. After a few minutes the clams will start to open, keep shuffling the pan around until all of them are saying hi.

6. Checking on your pasta, once al dente’, add straight into the sauce pan with alittle pasta water, you can add some more olive oil here if you think it needs it.

7. Stir through with the pippies, add salt, pepper and some fresh parsley and you’re good to go. Parmesan option - we put it on everything.

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