Classics Story #009 - Cory Gehr

It’s hard to put a label on Cory Gehr. A cinematographer, musician, gardener, self proclaimed “hobbyist” and “old soul”, he lives a life many of us dream of, surfing around his home in Los Angeles and creating art in its many forms. Rhythm has worked closely with Cor...


Exclusive to Rhythm

Browse from a curation of this year’s top picks is now available online and in-store, made exclusively to Rhythm. Featuring the bes...


Active Focus

Inspired by a dreamy coastal colour palette, our July Active focus has been designed with daily movement and athleisure in mind.


In Conversation: Felix Gansike

Pre-Covid travel seems like a lifetime ago when it was possible to curate a list of best-kept secret spots, roads less travelled, and have it remain that way. Once remote areas, now shared through accommodation apps so frequented that camping sites/ parking lots are ...


Morning Rituals with Ash and James

Slow mornings spent at home with Ash and James, made up of freshly brewed coffee and easy strolls down to the water’s edge before p...


The Sagittarius Supermoon

This Full Moon is not like others, it will occur in the sign of Sagittarius and will be closer to earth than usual. The Supermoon i...


Classics Story #008 - Lauryn Alvarez

Based out of Southern California, Lauryn Alvarez has introduced her creative artistry through a multitalented range of expertise, i...


Classics Story #007 - Diogo Appleton

Live a day in the life of Diogo Appleton via our latest short film by Felix Gansicke, Showcasing the easy-going yet equal parts introspective personality of our dear friend, surfer, shaper and long-standing advocate of the brand. Set in the heart of Diogo’s home brea...


Outfits - Classics Collection

This week's edit focuses on timeless outfits for everday occassions made up entirley of pieces from our classics collection.


Daily Movement with Beth and Adlai

We caught up with Californian locals and water women, Beth and Adlai on our recent ActiveSwim campaign shot over on their home stre...


Classics Story #006 - Kane Lehanneur

Based out of Sydney, Australia, Kane Lehanneur has, rather abruptly, introduced his creative artistry to the audience at large, bei...


Classics Story #005 - Athena Connell

Athena Connell is a holistic nutritionist based in Brisbane with a passion for nutritional education. Her focus is on restoring the metabolism, gut function and hormones with the use of traditional nutrient-dense foods that promote regeneration and resolve deficiencies.